Texas A&M Says Economic Boost To The Area Over $4 Billion for 2012

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Four billion dollars...that's the amount Texas A&M says it generated for the local economy last year.

A report shows the number has doubled over the last decade and has increased more than half a billion in the past year alone.

It is a new record amount of money and it's actually coming from a wide variety of places.

According to an in-house study by Texas A&M, $4.3 billion was raised and spent in 2012 on behalf of Texas A&M.

It's money that goes directly into the economy of the Brazos Valley.

It's an increase of $540 million from what we saw spent in 2011.

The biggest factors include the impact of Aggie Athletics: Ticket sales and game day visitors that school officials say went up because of their move to the SEC.

Also included are nearly $900 million for employee salaries, $380 million from university visitors and activities, and close to $470 million for everyday student expenses from living and spending in our area.

Businesses like Sully's Sports Grill & Bar weren't surprised by the economic boost.

"I think the sporting events have a tremendous impact on retail, hotels, restaurants and other retail in town. Obviously, any time you can bring in that many people into the area they're here to enjoy the games," said Sully's Owner Mark Holubec.

Holubec also added that it's not just people from out town coming to his place during games, but local Aggie fans and people who enjoy getting together to watch Aggie Athletics as a group.

There was also a significant amount of money spent in terms of the university's construction project.

With enrollment expected to increase in the next few years, these figures will likely do nothing but grow.