Texas A&M Students React to Johnny Manziel Entering NFL Draft

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Johnny Manziel is leaving Aggieland for the pros with plans to join the NFL.

It's widely been speculated that Manziel would forego playing two more years at A&M for a shot at the pros.

And Wednesday he confirmed reports that he filed paperwork to enter this year's NFL Draft.

In a letter to A&M students and Aggie fans Wednesday, Manziel wrote:
"After long discussions with my family, friends, teammates, and coaches, I have decided to make myself available for the 2014 NFL Draft. The decision was not an easy one. Anyone who has ever watched a football game at Kyle Field knows that leaving that atmosphere, those Saturdays with excitement, color, and noise, will be hard for me," he said.

When you think about it, Manziel brought a lot of the national spotlight to A&M, from winning the Heisman Trophy, to beating number one Alabama last year, to helping the Aggies win bowl games the past two years.

And then there were those Johnny Football will be Johnny Football moments, too.

News 3 has reaction from those who enjoyed the excitement of the Manziel magic.

The Johnny Manziel era is coming to an end in Aggieland.

But how about the memories?

From the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and an unbelievable win against Alabama on their Tuscaloosa turf in 2012.

Texas A&M Student Michael Kaska wishes Manziel well in the NFL.

"But it's sad he didn't get a championship here, but he's done a lot of good for us winning the Heisman. We're a premier national school recruiting-wise," said Kaska.

After a record come-from-behind-win in the Chick-fil-A Bowl Manziel looked back on his college career.

"Unreal, to be with Coach Sumlin and have him come in. Didn't expect him to be here when I first came to Texas A&M, that's for sure. It was unreal how things have played out in my career. More than anything I'm extremely proud to have played with the offensive line," said Johnny Manziel.

Off the field the limelight shined intently on Manziel during his time in Aggieland.

That included an arrest after a fight in Northgate to an NCAA investigation that cleared him of signing autographs for money.

Texas A&M Student Idalia Saenz says wherever he goes next will be her favorite pro team.

"I mean every game was exciting. He just gave us so much excitement and everything, so it wasn't a specific favorite. It was just every game was so exciting watching him," said Saenz.

"There'll be more Johnny highlights for sure for years to come," said Michael Kaska.

A new chapter for Johnny Football and for Aggie Fans everywhere.

Manziel is expected to be a first round pick in the NFL Draft.