Texas A&M Students Remember 9/11

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Students at Texas A&M are remembering September 11th by flying Old Glory and reflecting on the events of 11 years ago.

It's the 5th year that the Texas Aggie Conservatives have organized the flag display on campus. Students can plant a flag in the grass outside the Academic Plaza. Monday night, nearly 3,000 flags were placed to remember those who died.

"It's really awesome to see, you know, everyone who is really moved by the display," said Texas A&M student Marc Pitts.

"Some people are moved to tears, they can barely talk. Some people just sit out here a long time and reflect. There's just a great sense of pride and patriotism and you know everyone wants to come out here and just honor those people that gave the ultimate sacrifice," continued Pitts.

Organizers say that by the end of the day there should be around 9,000 flags in the Academic Plaza to represent the men and women who have died while serving our country since 9-11.