Texas A&M Students Start Pulling Tickets for Alabama Game

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COLLEGE STATION Crimson meets maroon this Saturday as Alabama comes to town looking for pay back for last year's loss to A&M in Tuscaloosa. The number one Crimson Tide takes on the number 6 Aggies at Kyle Field.

And if you don't think this is a big game, you haven't been listening to the national media hype. Aggie students starting lining up for the student ticket pull on campus late Sunday night.

All for tickets to the Alabama game at Kyle Field.

"Dude! Row 11 Section 234!" shouts one Texas A&M senior as he walks away with his tickets.

"It's probably the loudest the stadium is going to be that I've heard," says another student.

At the start of ticket pull, students were hoping for the sweet seats. Students are as concerned about the game as they are getting tickets.

"Our defense has been doing pretty good. Our offense, if we bring our a game, I think it'll be alright," shares another Aggie.

To get a ticket, some waited hours. Some sacrificed personal comfort.

"Oh yeah, I'm at my worse right now," admits one student.

"Hey , it's all worth it. It's a rough three hours but we made it through."

Texas A&M seniors pulled their tickets Monday. Juniors will start pulling Tuesday morning. Sophomores go Wednesday, and freshman pull their tickets on Thursday.