Texas A&M System Hosts Investment Showcase

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BRYAN - Texas A&M Professors and researchers showcased their work Wednesday, hoping to entice investors at an A&M System event at Miramont Country Club in Bryan.

The projects included new technology to treat brain aneurysms, and a better way to connect paramedics to doctors in emergency rooms.

"A typical aneurysm, a large one is about the size of a fingernail," explained James Lancaster, who is the CEO of College Station-based Shape Memory Therapeutics.

He showed a room full of people his company's plan to treat brain aneurysms with foam.

"We're taking it through a six foot microcatheter, moving it up to the brain and filling an aneurysm that will reduce the chance that that aneurysm continues to expand," he said.

Lancaster was one of many pitching projects hoping to grab the attention of investors at the Texas A&M Investment Showcase.

William Altman, the CEO of CorInnova showed a device which hopes to prolong the lives of patients with heart disease.

"CorInnova is developing a cardiac assist device. It's like an inflatable girdle that sort of sits around the ventricles of the heart and it gently squeezes it to increase cardiac output," said Altman.

And then there's this technology; a company working on virtual medicine equipment that connects doctors in an emergency room to paramedics in the field.

Many of the ideas need hundreds to even millions of dollars to turn their ideas into reality.

Brett Cornwell is with Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization where he serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Commercialization.

"Our researches have great ideas, develop really interesting solutions, but it take companies oftentimes to turn those solutions into products," said Cornwell.

The keynote speaker, Yves Dubus, with the Belgian Trade Commission encouraged businesses considering expanding into Europe to go through his country.

"If you are interested to come to Europe choose a market which has a strong tradition of exports rather than a very large market like France or Germany which looks first inside at it’s own market. We are specialists of exporting," said Dubus.

Big ideas from some leading minds.

Some of the ideas presented were also from area businesses.