Texas A&M Tops SEC Twitter Rankings

Texas A&M dominates the SEC when it comes to social media, taking top overall honors for it’s use of Twitter. With over 65,000 followers, Texas A&M’s account has an impressive audience, but the University is also earning accolades for conversation levels, customer service, utility and audience sentiment.

The ranking, conducted by Verge Pipe Media, compared the 14 universities within the Southeastern Conference. The institutions were evaluated at the end of 2012, using a weighted formula that considers a number of factors including: total number of followers, total number of tweets, Klout score and audience sentiment (favorable/unfavorable @mentions).

Notable category leaders and laggards fell into four major categories:

o Followers
o Follow backs
o Activity
o Balance (follows, conversations, customer service and engagement)

Overall category rankings: Texas A&M (#1) was followed by the University of Florida (#2) and Louisiana State University (#3) for the top 3 ranking schools, while Mississippi State (#13) and the University of Arkansas (#14) rounded out the bottom of the pack.

A copy of the full report is enclosed. Details may also be found at: http://vergepipemedia.com/blog/ranking-the-sec-on-twitter/.