Texas A&M University Police: Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession and Hiding Evidence

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Texas A&M University Police said they arrested Nicholas McKillip, 18 for marijuana possession and his attempt to hide the substance from authorities Sunday.

According to police, an officer arrested a man for public intoxication, who was passed out inside a black Chevrolet truck.

While searching the vehicle, the police report said the officer discovered a clear glass with the remains of approximately six marijuana cigarettes, located in the driver's door pocket. The officer also reportedly saw green leafy residue in the console, which appeared to be marijuana.

Police said McKillip, owner of the vehicle, approached the officer and asked why he was searching his truck. The officer asked McKillip to sit in the driver seat while he ran his plates inside his patrol vehicle. The report indicated when the officer returned to McKillip’s vehicle, the remains of the marijuana cigarettes in the glass were gone. Police said McKillip would not give the officer a straight answer of what he had done with them. Shortly after, the officer said he discovered the remains on the floor of the driver’s side, which was not there previously during his initial search.

McKillip was arrested for possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia and alcohol.

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