Texas A&M Women's Basketball Team Practices with Challenger Basketball

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College Station - Players from the Texas A&M Women's Basketball team were special guests at Challenger Basketball's final practice of the season on Monday.

Challenger Basketball is a City of College Station program designed for special needs individuals to learn all aspects of basketball and team sports.

The Women's team worked alongside members of A&M's Project Sunshine, a volunteer group that reaches out to kids with disabilities and special needs.

"They were coming out to help us, and get to work with these kids and have fun. They listed to the kids they worked with them and loved on them, it was wonderful," said Project Sunshine officer James Arnold.

"We mainly teach having fun. And if they cant do it the first time we encourage them to keep trying it, but if they start to get frustrated we would rather them continue to have fun doing things they like," Arnold said.

It was obvious the Challengers liked spending time with the Aggie girls, and the A&M players were there to have a little fun of their own.

"We came out here and we played with the kids and we just played basketball with them and interacted with them trying to get them to open up to us and it was really fun," said Texas A&M Guard Kristen Grant.

Challenger basketball meets for practice twice a week, and their hard work was shown off on the court as they paired up with A&Ms nationally ranked Women's Basketball team.

"Getting to see the Aggie basketball girls really blows their mind to see that type of basketball, and its awesome getting to have those girls here telling the kids that are in the program that they are stars too," said Arnold.

Challenger Basketball has been going on in College Station for more than 10 years, and the current players are anywhere from 3 to 26 years old.