Texas Authorities Could Haul More Than 100,000 Marijuana Plants In Pot Bust

GOODRICH, Texas (AP) - Texas authorities are working to clear more than a dozen marijuana fields found in the eastern part of the state.

Chief Deputy Bryan Lyons from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office says more than 44,000 plants had been cleared as of Monday. Inmates from the county jail were drafted to pull up the plants.

“They’ll go inside the overgrown area and they’ll clean out a spot inside of it, to where unless you’re actually right inside the plant area, you won’t even know it that they’re there,” Lyons told CBS News.

The operation was discovered on Saturday when a deer hunter stumbled across the fields. More than 12 fields have been cleared.

CBS News reports that an additional 16 fields were found and more than 100,000 marijuana plants could be cleared in the end.

Authorities found an irrigation system, generators and living areas at the site. Lyons called it an elaborate setup.

“They had pumps that were set inside the creek banks and a hosing system that ran back to the fields to where they just turned the pumps on,” Lyons told CBS News. “The pumps would run through the hoses and subsequently through the fields.”

Game Warden David Johnson says one man found in the woods has been arrested and authorities are searching for another. They haven’t released the man’s name.