Texas Comptroller's Office Helps Search for Unclaimed Property

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Residents were happy recipients of a nice surprise from the state, courtesy of The Texas Comptroller's Office. We were in Navasota as county and state workers showed residents how to search for money and claim what the state refers to as unclaimed property.

John Grice walked away with more than he expected.

"It was an easy process I think we were here 15-20 minutes and we found out we had less than $500 dollars," said Grice.

Any one can check for unclaimed property. It's a simple and easy process.

Once online with the state, all you need to provide is your first and last name.

After looking for my mom I was excited to find she has $461 coming to her from previous deposits.

Amy Redmond with the Texas Comptroller's office travels across the state helping people claim what is rightfully theirs.

"Unclaimed property is actually money, it's not land, it can come from accounts like a bank account," said Redmond.

There is about $2.6- billion dollars available statewide in the State's Unclaimed Property fund. This is unclaimed money that belongs to residents of Texas.

"$121 dollars it's exciting... it was worth it," said Dell Martinez.

Janice Trant, Grimes County Treasurer stated that there's money that's been held for more than 20 years.

"This is October, Christmas is just around the corner, that's a chance to buy grand kids toys."

Money doesn't grow on trees, but sometimes you can find it online. And in this day and age every dollar counts.