Texas Egg Farmers Donate 43,200 Eggs Just in Time For Easter

Feather Crest Farms of Bryan are helping in the fight against hunger by donating more than 43,000 eggs to the Brazos Valley Food Bank on Wednesday, March 6 at 3 p.m.

Families continue to struggle to put food on their tables, leading more and more to turn to food assistance organizations across the country for help. In fact, more than 48 million Americans live in food insecure homes.

"Our company has been blessed with more than 60 years in this community, and we are proud to be a part of this effort to give back with a much needed donation to our local food bank," stated Brian Barrett, President of Feather Crest Farms.

In the Brazos Valley, one in six adults and one in four children will receive food assistance from a Brazos Valley Food Bank supported partner agency.

Among the most needed items at food assistance organizations are sources of high quality protein, such as fresh eggs. According to the USDA, one large egg delivers six grams of protein and 13 essential nutrients such as choline, folate, iron and zinc. Additionally, the USDA concluded in 2011 that the average amount of cholesterol was 14 percent lower and vitamin D content was 64 percent higher than previously thought.

"Eggs are a great source of protein for the partner agencies of the Brazos Valley Food Bank to provide to the children, seniors and families they help feed on a daily basis. We are all grateful for this donation, a donation that has become an annual tradition. Feather Crest Farms is a great supporter of the Brazos Valley Food Bank in so many ways. As a local company, they are truly helping their neighbors in need with this donation."

"Year-round our generous farmers donate fresh eggs to their local food assistance organizations," stated Chad Gregory, president and CEO of United Egg Producers. "We come together during the Easter season to give a little extra and make fresh eggs available to food insecure families across the country."

For the sixth consecutive Easter season, the United Egg Producers have organized a nationwide effort to give food insecure families a helping hand. U.S. egg farmers are donating nearly nine million fresh eggs this year, bringing the total number of fresh eggs donated by egg farmers since 2008 to 69 million. Consumers can also participate in the nationwide effort by going to www.facebook.com/UEPCertified and pledging to buy UEP-certified eggs. For every pledge received, United Egg Producers will donate one carton of eggs to a local food assistance organization.