Gov. Perry Reacts to Petition for Texas to Secede

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One week ago our nation re-elected President Barack Obama for a second term in office. As of Tuesday afternoon, 37 states have filed petitions for secession on the White House website, “We the People.” According to the website, Texas has the most number of signatures with a total of nearly 84,000 of the necessary 25,000 signatures needed.

The website says if a petition gets enough signatures within a month, the White House will review it, make sure it is sent to the appropriate policy experts and then later issue an official response. Texas has exceeded the necessary amount of signatures, and the momentum of the petition for secession has gained the attention of Governor Perry and his office.

In a press release issued by the Texas Governor’s office Tuesday, “Governor Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it.”

Gov. Perry has not released a statement about the growing popularity of the petition. His office only said, “Now more than ever our country needs strong leadership from states like Texas.”

Texas A&M Political Science Professor Jon R. Bond, Ph.D. said Texas cannot secede from nation. “The Civil War settled that constitutional question,” Bond said. “Once you are a state, you are always a state. Texas cannot opt out.”

The website has allowed citizens to practice their right to petition their government as stated in the First Amendment. It was created by an Arlington, Texas resident on Nov. 9, three days after President Obama’s reelection.