Texas Raiders B-17 Bomber On Display in Brenham This Weekend

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BRENHAM - A flying museum has landed in Brenham for the weekend.

A B-17 Flying Fortress is at the Municipal Airport for tours and flights for the public.

News 3 went inside this bomber to shows us some of its history.

B-17's played a crucial role in World War II and now a nearly 70-year-old bomber has flown in to Brenham for the weekend.

Crowds gathered to snap photos and climb inside the Texas Raiders B-17G Flying Fortress.

"It's like driving a Mack Truck without power steering but it's still fun to fly it. This airplane is very stable, very true, no tricks but you better stay on top of it," said Pat Elliott of Brenham.

He is a retired Continental Airlines Pilot and one of the B-17's flyers with the Commemorative Air Force.

For $10 you can walk around while flights start at $475 a seat with money going to keep this museum moving.

"It came off the assembly line in July of '45. The Nazi's had already surrendered but the war in the Pacific was still going on. And this thing was equipped with an AWACS-Type radar that they were going to use to intercept Kamikazes for the invasion of Japan, but as they took off and headed for Okinawa the war ended," said Elliott.

The Commemorative Air Force purchased this B-17 in the late 1960's and renamed it the Texas Raiders. They fly all across the country to share this flying history.

"I live right down the road and I got to watch it take off and it was flying around the area and I got to see it land, so I wanted to come by and bring my nephew out to see it as well," said Lauren Davis, of Brenham.

Joseph Fritz thought his 8-year-old son John should see this history in person.

"It's awesome," said his son.

"Pretty cool huh?" asked Joseph Fritz.

Yes," said John Fritz.

Commemorative Air Force Pilot Ole Nygren has flown it since 2009.

"It's important for the especially the younger kids to see what was happening in World War II and what their grandparents had to work with to fight that war," said Nygren.

A big boy bomber on display for everyone to see.

Tours on Saturday and Sunday start at about 10 A.M. and flights begin at 1 P.M.

The B-17 had a pretty quick trip Friday; it flew about 30 minutes over to Brenham from Spring.

We're told paying for flights and tours is tax-deductible as well.