Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival Dates Announced For 2013

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Save the date.

The 7th annual Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival in Downtown Bryan will take place the last weekend of September.

I's about two weeks earlier than last year's festival.

And it's the same weekend Texas A&M plays at Arkansas.

There are some changes in store for the festival this fall.

There still will be the $5 admission on Saturday only and organizers are also looking at growing the event to upwards of 20,000 people over the Texas Reds weekend.

Bryan Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn tells us they will also be promoting visitors dine at existing restaurants downtown.

The separate steak plates are going away with a new focus on vendor food and downtown restaurants.

"We feel like if you come to a festival, if you're like me you've got your kids you have festival food right, any kind of vendors on the street where you walk and eat. But if you want to sit down and have a nice meal, we're going to try our best to promote use of all the great restaurants in Downtown Bryan.," said Joey Dunn, Bryan Deputy City Manager.

And the festival continues to lose more money than it brings in, but organizers say it's about promoting downtown and having a fun event people will enjoy. They hope to start turning a profit.

The city is also looking at ways to recognize the Bryan Fire Department and the two fire fighters killed as well as two seriously injured last month fighting a fire.

A headlining act has not been announced yet.

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Dates for the 7th annual Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival have been announced with the event happening a few weeks earlier than last year.

This year the festival will happen on September 27th and 28th in Downtown Bryan.

City planners say they are still working on the headliner act and are looking at ways to improve access inside downtown during that weekend.

News 3 will have more on the festival Wednesday night at six.