Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival Just A Week Away

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It's First Friday in Downtown Bryan with a lot of activities, a precursor to a big festival next weekend.

Hundreds of people came out for the monthly event.

And it'll be even more crowded next weekend for the 6th annual Texas Reds Streak & Grape Festival.

While the biggest event in Downtown Bryan is just a week away organizers are expecting more than 15,000 people for the event.

They are also hoping to eventually keep Texas Reds from running in the red.

Landon Larue is hoping for a business boom Friday night and in the coming days too.

He's the Assistant General Manager at The Proudest Monkey in Downtown Bryan.

This will be their first year serving up food and drinks during Texas Reds.

"We're excited about the Texas Reds thing and get our name out there even more maybe a few more people coming in," he said.

Downtown businesses are hoping to have back to back weekends of making money with First Friday happening and then Bryan's signature event next weekend.

"We've had the kitchen open 'till closing at 2 A.M. on First Fridays and events like that and such so probably do that again I'm sure," said Larue.

The city hopes to keep Texas Reds from running in the red too.

Last year they lost $141,252 and that was the best year yet.

Bryan Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn says the goal is to raise revenues, lower expenses and also draw off of hotel occupancy tax funds instead of the general fund.

"If we can do that better than last year we will be able to use just HOT tax, just hotel occupancy tax to pay for any investment the city has to make at the end of the day," Dunn explained.

This year he says there will be more vendors, wineries and steak cookoff teams than ever before.

They'll aslo be showing the Texas A&M away football game against Louisiana Tech next Saturday night.

"Some could actually look left and see the game or even look straight ahead and see the main entertainment," said Joey Dunn.

"Expecting a good crowd...A big opportunity for us to get our name out there," added Landon Larue.

While the majority of business owners are excited about next week the owner of Mr. G's Pizza told us Friday night he'll be closed for the festival, saying all the food vendors around his business would undermine his restaurant if he were to be open.

Texas Reds is free on Friday night and $5 on Saturday for those 13 and older.