Texas Rep. Finds Lost Aggie Ring, Tracks Down Owner

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AUSTIN, Texas - It's a story of an Aggie ring, a cab ride and a Texas State Representative. It even comes with a happy ending.

Texas Representative John Raney, A&M class of 1969, said he was staying at a hotel in Austin about a month ago when he got a little hungry. He jumped into a cab to grab some dinner and noticed a familiar sight.

"The gentleman who was driving the cab had on an Aggie ring," said Raney.

Raney asked the driver if he was an Aggie, but the driver didn't seem to know what he was talking about. A little later, Raney complimented the ring and asked if he could see it.

"He handed it to me and inside, it said Ruben Salinas," said Raney. "Class of 01 ring."

The driver told Raney he'd purchased the ring at a pawn shop for around $25. Raney decided on the spot he needed to track down its owner, and offered the driver $100 in cash for the ring.

"That's just the way Aggies are. We all think those rings are special," said Raney.

Raney went to work. It took a while, but with a little luck and the help of the Texas A&M Association of Former Students, Salinas, now a doctor at an Austin hospital, was found.

On Thursday, Raney met a very thankful Salinas on the floor of the House of Representatives. Salinas said he'd lost the ring about four months prior.

"I don't know if it was the best hundred bucks I ever spent, but it came close, because it was such a fun thing to do," said Raney.

Salinas said he'd lost some weight, so the ring didn't fit like it used to. He told Raney he would get it resized as soon as possible.