Funding Approved to Keep Easterwood's, Other Airport Towers Open

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Easterwood Airport's tower has at least a 90-day reprieve from closure.

The Texas Transportation Commission has approved a $2 million funding deal that will keep more than a dozen towers in the state open despite Federal Aviation Administration budget cuts that would have forced their closures.

According to the TTC, 21 percent of aircraft use the 14 airports that will receiving funding to remain open for the next three months.

Towers across the country are due to begin closing this month.

“Safety is our top priority and I am glad we’re able to keep these critical air traffic control services operating,” said Texas Transportation Commissioner Fred Underwood in a statement. “As a pilot, I know firsthand how critical these services are to the safety of air traffic.”

“I applaud the commission for taking this action as it was the right thing to do for Texas,” added TxDOT Executive Director Phil Wilson. “The commission’s action today will allow these communities to partner with TxDOT during this period of transition while longer-term solutions are being evaluated and considered.”

The towers that will remain open are as follows:

New Braunfels (BAZ)
Brownsville (BRO)
Easterwood Field College Station (CLL)
Lone Star Executive Houston (CXO)
Georgetown Muni (GTU)
San Marcos Muni (HYI)
Dallas Executive (RBD)
Sugarland Regional (SGR)
Stinson Muni San Antonio (SSF)
Collin County Regional (TKI)
Tyler Pounds Regional (TYR)
Texarkana (TXK)
Victoria Regional (VCT)