Trooper: Seatbelts Could Have Made a Difference in Teen's Fatal Crash

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For the last 12 years, The "Click it or Ticket" campaign has urged Texas drivers and their passengers to buckle up to prevent serious injury or death in a crash.

Texas law requires all drivers and passengers including those in the backseat to buckle up. When the campaign began in 2002, only three out of four Texans wore seatbelts. Now, 94 percent of Texas motorists buckle up. That's a good percentage, but what about that six percent that aren't doing it and why?

Despite the 12 year slogan to 'Click it or Ticket", fatal crashes with those not wearing seatbelts are still happening. 18 year Alex Vogeler was not wearing her seatbelt when she was thrown from her car and killed Sunday night.

Trooper Jimmy Morgan says studies have shown wearing seatbelts increase your chances of surviving a major crash by 50 percent. " "Obviously when you hit bigger vehicle versus small vehicle them odds change a little bit depending on how you hit head-on versus a slight blow or whatever it may be, but the odds are always in your favor to wear a seatbelt."

In 2012 - 45 percent of the fatalities on Texas highways were people improperly secure in seatbelts - meaning they were wearing them incorrectly or not at all. Those less likely to wear seatbelts: Men, teens, passengers and those driving trucks.

Drivers who don't wear seatbelts say they are too uncomfortable or say they're good drivers and don't need to wear them.

Fines for not wearing seatbelts are up to $250 plus court costs.