Texting Leads to Arrest for College Station Teen

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People of all ages file in and out of Muldoon's Coffee House in College Station every day. But chances are, they all have one thing in common.

“I never leave anywhere without my phone,” said Nathan Pisik, a Muldoon’s Coffee House customer.
“I have my phone on me at all times,” said Jordan Demarest, another customer.
“All the time, even when I sleep,” said Jennifer Anklam.

Texting is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with someone, but sometimes that isn't a good thing.

Police say an 18-year-old repeatedly texted a girl he wanted to have a relationship with, even after the girl told him to stop.

He didn't send an over-excessive number of texts and the messages weren't threatening, but it was enough for police to arrest him for harassment.

“Depending on what the victim wishes, we will contact that person texting and tell them to stop. If they continue after that point then most likely they will face charges,” said Kelley McKethan, Bryan Police Department Public Information Officer.

“If you're texting and texting and texting someone, yeah, I would consider that harassment, especially if the texts are unwanted,” said Dawn Marshall,

Customers at Muldoon’s disagree about how they would handle harassing texts.

“I feel like law enforcement have more important things to do than deal with over-attached boyfriends,” said Pisik.

“You can block him, I feel like that’s the easiest thing to do,” said Anklam.

It isn't easy to say when harmless texting becomes harassment, but police say a good rule of thumb is if someone tells you to stop, you probably should.