The Buffalo Press Joins The News 3 Network

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Every day we bring you stories from across the Brazos Valley. We often share stories and pictures back and forth with area newspapers. So as a result, we have created the News 3 Network. It's a relationship where we are combining the resources of area newspapers and News 3 so we all can better inform you of what's going on where you live.

Back in 1931, The Buffalo Press warmed up its printers for the first issue. Every week 2,000 copies of the newspaper roll off the press and into the Leon County community. The Buffalo Press is the voice of thousands of residents in Leon County.

"We want to be their newspaper," said Buffalo Press Publisher Mac Shadix. "We want to provide coverage of our local area. We feel no one can beat us at that." Shadix has been the publisher of the paper since November 2007. "I've been the publisher, the paper boy and the janitor," Shadix said jokingly.

In the six years Mac has been with the paper, he has had to make changes to the paper to keep up with constantly changing business. "We put a lot more color into the paper," Shadix said.

Even with the changes, the direction of modern technology pushed the paper to create a website for it's readers, allowing them to know the latest news in an instant. "We're always trying to learn to put out a better product," Shadix said.

"You can see I've added Leon County Today to the banner of the paper," Shadix said examining the paper. Currently, their free website,, has more readers than the paper, but after 82 years of business, the paper is still a hit in the community. "You can never afford to run a daily newspaper, but we can update our local news on the website far more often," Shadix said.

This trend of going electronic doesn't surprise Mac, but it won't stop him from printing more papers. "There are people who really love newspapers and they want a paper they can hold in their hand," Shadix said.

Always aiming for progress, the Buffalo Press puts the community first to make sure they are always updated with the latest news in the area. "That's what we do and that's what we try to do best."