The Hearne Citizens Oversight Committee Files Petition Against City Councilwoman

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The Hearne Citizens Oversight Committee filed a petition with the city asking for council member Maxine Vaughn to resign or face a recall election. The petition started after some Hearne residents say they have lost confidence in Vaughn, who has held the council seat for eight years.

The petition was passed around by the Hearne Citizens Oversight Committee. It now includes nearly 500 signatures from Hearne residents who want Maxine Vaughn off the city council. The petition states registered voters have lost confidence in the Vaughn as a council member. They believe she's incompetent for the position, and say she has committed wrongdoing during her term.

Several people who signed the petition stand by those claims, but wouldn't put their face, name or location on camera to tell News 3 why.

A number of elderly residents who signed the petition tell News 3 they have no idea who Maxine Vaughn is, what she does for the city, or what the petition is about. One resident says he only signed the petition because a friend did and isn't aware of Vaughn's ability as a council member.

Bettie Joe Miller has known Vaughn for more than 70 years and says Vaughn's a good-hearted person with a strong personality who may just have a hard time connecting with the people she represents.
"Some people think she has a funny way because she has a nice home, she talks nice and she's uppity. I know some people talk bad about her, but I don't know too much about that. I wouldn't have signed that because she was my classmate and I know her like a sister of mine," Miller says.

The petition is now in the hands of the Hearne City Attorney Brian Russ, who's representing Vaughn and is looking at the petition to determine what will happen next. Russ says the petition must meet the basic requirements of the election code. If it doesn't, the petition goes back to the Hearne Citizens Oversight Committee. If it meets the requirements, the signatures will then be subject for verification and presented to city council.