The Legacy of a Fallen Aggie

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COLLEGE STATION - Noel Devin and her father, Mac, were laid to rest this week following a house fire that officials believe was caused by an arsonist.

Out of the darkness surrounding this story, however, light shines.

KBTX News Three has learned of a Virginia family who was helped by Noel Devin in their darkest hour several years ago.

As it turns out, Devin was a fan of reading blogs and stumbled upon a particular site that caught her eye.

She reached out to the author, Annie Garman, with a strange request.

"God’s given me the means. Will you allow me the opportunity"? Devin is quoted in her email to Garman.

According to the blog post (see the link to the right of this story), Devin had just come into some money and felt called to use it to help Garman and her husband, Colby, who were struggling with a critically ill child.

The day of the Devins' funeral, Garman wrote a blog entry explaining her family's unique connection to Noel Devin.

As it turns out, Devin's gift was just what the family needed. Not only did it help them through a difficult time, it also encouraged them in their faith journey as they helped start churches near Marine Corps bases across the country.

"We feel like Noel’s money was what God used to bring us where we are now," Garman said.

From beyond the grave, a final point of light that goes on.