The Madisonville Meteor Joins The News 3 Network

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The Madisonville Meteor's history is as rich as its founding city's.

"It's played a really big role in our county and our town's history," publisher Dan Kleiner said.

Nestled right next door to the Madison County Museum, Kleiner said he's found himself entrenched in history.

The 119 year old paper was first published in 1894. It almost went to press without a name, that is until the first editor looked to the sky for help and named it the Madisonville Meteor.

"Sometimes people come in town and want to see the meteor and I just tell them to come visit my office," Kleiner said. The name stuck, and the rest is history. Every week, about 2,300 papers are distributed throughout Madisonville and Madison county.

"It gives you information that you need to make informed decisions, but it also reflects the values of the community," Kleiner said.

The publisher said the newspaper connects with the community through their work. "By going out and focusing on stories about people, you really are giving a truer reflection of what this county is," Kleiner said.

To keep up with the changing times, the paper has gone digital and has its own website and Facebook page, but these changes in technology haven't changed the focus of the paper. "Madisonville is a traditional area," Kleiner said. "I am an old school guy and I still read the paper and the majority of the people here do too."

The paper hopes to increase its online presence daily, but still keeps true to its roots. "It's not a lot different as it was a few years ago," Kleiner said.

The paper strives to uphold the core values of the community. It's an aspect they say is something that makes this paper unique. "As the newspaper industry evolves, that's actually something we've tried to put more of a focus on today at the meteor," Kleiner said.