Museum of the American GI Holds Open House

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It's not everyday you get to see a tank from World War II, but this weekend at the Museum of the American GI open house, you'll see a whole lot more than that.

"Most of the relics that you see from these wars are sitting outside and rusting out. These are not. They're perfectly restored and that preserves history," said Denny Hair with the American GI Museum.

Hair is known for his General Patton impersonation, but he does it for a more than just a laugh. He does it to teach the history of America's greatest generation.

"This will help keep their history and what they did alive," said Hair.

From one of the largest gatherings of armored fighting vehicles to a mock up of general Patton's Headquarters, The Museum of the American GI is doing what it can to take you back in time for just a short amount of time.

"We're teaching history and we're teaching it in a way that's hands on," said Hair.

It's all in appreciation to the sacrifices made in a war that took place 70 years ago.

"We must continue to show what they have done to give our country the freedom that we have. We're the freest country in the world and it's because the United States military and all of its branches have lost lives to make it safe. So that's what we do. We honor them," said Hair.

The open house at The Museum of the American GI will go till dusk tonight and reopen Saturday at 9:00 a.m. A WWII Battle Reenactment featuring all those tanks will take place on Saturday at 3 p.m. For more information about the event, we've got a link below.