The Normangee Star Joins The News 3 Network

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The Normangee Star is not only the town's local source of news, but it holds the town's rich history together. Established in 1912, the newspaper just celebrated one hundredth birthday last year.

"It's the lifeline of the community," said newspaper publisher, Hank Hargrave, of the paper.

Acting also as the owner, Hargrave says the newspaper caters to Normangee and Hilltop Lakes in Leon County. "We're here to serve," Hargrave said. "We're here to do what's in the best interest of Normangee."

It's this passion that ignites his driving force to run the newspaper as a one man operation. With some help, every week about 1,450 newspapers are delivered across the county. With so much area to cover, Hargrave said social media has truly help the newspaper, allowing him to update the small town's latest news in an instant. "If it weren't for that technology, I couldn't do it," Hargrave said.

After taking over the newspaper in 2004, the newspaper's past came to life when Hank opened up a bounded version. "This is from 1939 and heading into 1940," Hargrave said while looking at an old issue.

It's one of the few that are left after a tornado swept through town in the 90s wiping out several buildings, including the Star. The majority of the archived newspapers from years past were destroyed. The years of papers that survived are now extremely damaged. "There's a little damage there," Hargrave said as he smoothed a tattered sheet back into place.

Even though they are damaged, Hargrave said it is part of the town's history; it's something his readers hold close to their hearts. "I still have people who come in and look at them," Hargrave said.

To the town, it is a constant reminder to of how delicate life truly is.