The Brazos Valley Bucket List - Snow's BBQ

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At eight o'clock in the morning, most folks are just starting their day. However, if you want some of Snow's BBQ in Lexington, you better already be there.

"I take pride in the product that we produce and I just enjoy doing it," said head cook Mrs. Tootsie.

77-year-old Tootsie has been barbequing for a long time. Since 1966, with the help of Kerry Bexley, they've been serving their top Texas BBQ.

"As you can see, people are in the norm of coming at eight o'clock and lining up and that's why we leave it like it is. Usually by noon or one o'clock we're wrapping it up," said Bexley.

At eight in the morning and only on Saturdays the line for Snow's BBQ is already about as deep as the pits they cook on.

"I've never had BBQ for breakfast before so this is the first time," joked visitor Quijuan Maloof.

"The tradition in Lexington is BBQ on Saturdays," said Tootsie.

You'll find all the fixings here including brisket, sausage, chicken, and ribs. And the magical meat brings in folks from all over the world.

"Each week we'll get probably a third of the business from people out of Texas that are traveling into town and coming over," said Bexley.

"We have a lot of different food but we don't have barbeque," said Maloof.

Maloof came all the way from California for some Texas cooking.

"It was awesome. it was perfect. It was better than what I expected," said Maloof.

"I'm a foody and I like to travel," said Greg Nye from Cedar Park

"Oh my gosh. It's fantastic. It's our new number one," said Nye.

Cooking the BBQ at Snow's is no small task. The fires are started around 11:00 p.m. Friday night, the briskets are added around midnight so it has all night to cook for customers on Saturday.

"It's hard work. It's hot in the summer time, cold in the winter time but I enjoy it," said Tootsie.

Even Texas Monthly proclaimed Snow's as the Best BBQ in Texas back in 2008 and that really got the home fires cooking.

"From that point on it just escalated and about quadrupled," said Bexley.

Getting a piece of some the best BBQ in the state at Snow's BBQ. A savory stop on our Brazos Valley Bucket List.