Thieves Busted Burglarizing Cars in Navasota

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Busted! A Navasota Police officer witnessed two guys breaking into a vehicle, who then ran from the scene. But they didn’t get very far…

It's a crime that can happen anywhere and at any time.

“Time is something that we battle when we're working cases like this,” explained Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt.

One by one Navasota police say Julian Edwards and Jose Amaya began making rounds -- burglarizing vehicles parked in a neighborhood that many residents say -- is usually quiet.

“They must be walking by checking this, checking that to see what's unlocked and what's not unlocked,” said resident Gary Williams.

Williams said six months ago his next door neighbor woke up to find his pickup truck on blocks.

"I couldn't believe my eyes, they took his tires and rims just like that," explained Williams. "In his driveway, they just came up and left the truck on blocks, but it's been quiet around here since then."

But the crime spree was cut short around 6 a.m. after authorities say the suspects were caught in the act. After fleeing from the scene -- an officer was able to capture the two near the intersection of Judson and Stacey Street.

“During shift change at 8 that morning we received several reports of car burglaries in that same area,” said Myatt. “Investigators found purses, wallets, cash, weed eaters, electric drills, battery operated drills and a variety of tools they were storing in a drainage ditch, and then it was discovered they had burglarized a shed which was just one block away from where the vehicles were burglarized.”

“No matter what neighborhood you live in, it’s just best to keep your stuff locked up and away,” said Williams.

Myatt says all of the stolen property was recovered and returned to the victims.

"The officer was in the right place and the right area," Myatt added.

“That was the best thing I heard all day, maybe it will keep them out of the neighborhood,” said Williams.