Thieves Cut Hole in Roof of Brenham Pharmacy, Steal $12K in Drugs

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More than $12,000 of narcotics is stolen from a Washington County pharmacy. But the way the suspects got inside might lead to more clues surrounding who's involved.

Police say it was a 'methodical' operation.

“Basically staying low on the ground rolling around trying not to set off the alarm system, and they're reaching up and taking large quantities of narcotics,” said Brenham Police Detective John Snowden.

Just before 4 Wednesday morning surveillance cameras capture three suspects breaking in to Norman's Pharmacy on South Day Street in Brenham.

"They're covered from head to toe wearing hats masks gloves, long sleeved shirts, pants, you can't tell anything," Snowden said.

What the cameras don't capture is how they got inside.

“They basically cut a hole in the roof and came in through the ceiling,” Snowden said.

It's the same method of entry used during a pharmacy break-in at Holmes Pharmacy in Jewett just two weeks ago. Meanwhile in Brenham, according to police, the suspects were inside for nearly 40 minutes; they knew exactly what they wanted -- and exactly how to get it.

“They were methodical almost as if they knew what they were looking for,” Snowden said. “

The suspects managed to get away with $12,000 in narcotics and an undisclosed amount of cash without ever triggering the alarm system or motion detectors.

“In the video you'll see three people; we're unable to determine male, female, race, sex ethnicity,” added Snowden.

Although they're covered head to toe -- investigators are teaming up with other agencies in surrounding counties to compare crimes in hopes the capture the thieves before they strike again.

Detectives say the suspects took Hydrocodone, Adderall and other various narcotics.

If you have any information that would lead to an arrest, police are urging you to call Crime Stoppers at: 836-T-I-P-S.