Thousands of T-Shirts Sold to Benefit Fallen and Injured Firefighters

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Speaking of honoring the heroes; friends and family of the Bryan Fire Department have raised thousands of dollars already and sold more than 2,000 T-shirts to benefit the families of the two firefighters killed and two others injured in last Friday's Knights of Columbus Hall fire.

While some came alone; others came in multiples and were all armed with checkbooks and lists.

"Hi how can I help you," said Shanna Filburn as she greeted customers outside of Monograms & More Friday afternoon.

“My friend’s dad is a firefighter when I heard about what had happened he came to mind and it really hit home to me on how easily we take for granted our firefighters and our policeman,” said Jessica Thomas.

Jessica Thomas is just one out of hundreds who paid a visit to the make-shift t-shirt booth Friday. Thomas says she felt compelled to give back after hearing the stories of the fallen and injured heroes.

“It’s been overwhelming,” said Filburn.

Shanna Filburn and her husband Rhett are behind the wheel of the T-shirt fundraiser.

"We’ve had huge orders, some 6, 700 dollar orders,” added Filburn.

In fact, her husband Rhett was behind the wheel of Eric Wallace's Engine the night he was killed.

That night I think it was probably around midnight that I got a text and all the text said was, it's bad, but I'm okay. And that's the information I had for a few hours....

The Rhett family along with the entire Bryan and College Station Fire Department family have been trying to stay busy; keeping their minds focused on giving back. The T-Shirts she says is a small tribute -- to their big family that always pulls through for each other -- no matter what circumstance.

"We drove here straight from the funeral and when we pulled up at 1:30 there were already people here waiting..."

More than 2,000t-shirts have been sold and more than a thousand more are expected to be made Friday afternoon.

The t-shirts will be sold again at Monograms and More on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. And at Shipwreck Grill next Wednesday starting at 5 p.m. That's when a crawfish boil fundraiser for the firefighters will be held.