Three Dead in Apparent San Marcos Double Murder/Suicide

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SAN MARCOS - Three people are dead after an early-morning murder/suicide in San Marcos. San Marcos police say 23-year-old Daniel Brewster Stillwell shot and killed his ex-girlfriend twenty-two-year-old Hailey Nicholls and 26-year-old Jesse Robledo early Thursday in Nicholls' apartment. Responding officers found a sliding-glass door had been shattered with a brick to gain entry.

Stillwell and Nicholls had been students at Texas State University and they worked at one time with Robledo at the same Mexican restaurant. Claudia Kotin, the apartment manager where Nicholls lived, told KEYE TV Hailey was "a very sweet girl and it's just devastating to everybody."

At about 12:38 Thursday morning neighbors called police after they heard screaming from the apartment. San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams says, "When officers arrived they found the sliding glass door of the back of this particular apartment had been smashed and broken. They went into the apartment to check if anyone was injured, unfortunately they found two people in the upstairs bedroom who had been shot and killed. Robledo was shot and killed on the bed, Nichols was found dead on the floor. Police say the break-up between Stillwell and Nicholls is recent.

"I don't believe this was a rise of sudden passion, I believe this was planned," says Chief Williams. But police also say they there were no prior reports of violence or threats against the victims. The apartment manager says there were no signs indicating Nicholls had issues with her ex. Kotin says, "We didn't hear about any problems, sometimes people will come and tell us if they are having a problem but she did not."

Stillwell's body was found shortly after 2 p.m. police say he drove off a highway in Comal County called Devil's Backbone. Police say he had called his roommate and told him he had hurt his girlfriend and that he was going to drive off a cliff.