Three More Suspects Arrested in Madisonville Teen Gang-Rape Case

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Exclusive video from March captures suspects being handcuffed and booked into the Madison County Jail. Most were absolutely caught off guard as for why police, DPS troopers -- and our cameras were there -- but it didn't take long for the accused criminals to find out.

"You're being charged with sexual assault of a child,” said Madisonville Police Lieutenant Jonathan Zitzmann as he arrested one suspect from a home inside Hope Circle back in May.

In mid-March, a 16-year-old Madisonville victim's mother contacted investigators alleging her daughter was taken to a trailer home on Lance Street, drugged with Crystal Meth and repeatedly gang-raped by 11 people. So far 10 men and one woman have been linked to the crime, but after months of investigating, authorities were able to track down three additional suspects.

The suspects involved are: 24-year-old Debrodrick Manning; 23-year-old Brandon Gilbert; 19-year-old LaFelix Turner; 19-year-old Derrick Kyle; 25-year-old Steven Manning; 20-year-old Adrian Butler; 24-year-old Hannable Craig; 33-year-old Earl James Tyler; 19-year-old Lorenzo Ford; 35-year-old female Sondress Lotts; Marlon Turner; Jackie Mourning and Willie Taylor.

Madisonville Police Chief Chuck May says Taylor turned himself in not even 48 hours after his picture was posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

“A lot of these guys have some sort of ties into gang-related activity and have a history into drug dealing and drug use and unfortunately this drug use and dealing has led to more severe crimes,” said Zitzmann.

The case totals 14 suspects who are all facing charges of Child trafficking and Sexual assault of a child.