Three People Targeted in Jury Duty Scam

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COLLEGE STATION- Bryan police and the Brazos County Sheriff's Office are investigating a resurging telephone scam that's cost residents hundreds of dollars.

Someone posing as a law enforcement officer is calling residents and telling them a warrant is being issued for failure to appear for jury duty and then asking them for money.

A woman from College Station, who didn't want her name and face revealed, is one of three people targeted in the scam. She received a call on Labor Day from someone claiming to be with the warrants division of the Brazos County Sheriff's Department.

She said the man told the woman she never showed up for jury duty on July 31st. A period of time when Tina was out of the country on vacation. "He said because you didn't show up and you didn't respond then you are in contempt of court, so there's a warrant out for your arrest. And what we do now, is there's a process we can go through, so we can put the warrant on hold until your court date," she says.

Because she was out of town, the woman thought she had truly missed the jury summons and wanted to avoid being picked up by the police. "He said it was being recorded and did I agree to all these things in order to avoid the thousand dollar, 90 day in jail thing. I said, "yes!" she says.

The scammer told her she could take care of the warrant by simply giving him a prepaid card. He waited on the phone with her for nearly an hour, while she drove to a grocery store, loaded up $450 on a prepaid card and then she gave him the number for payment.

Brazos County District Clerk Marc Hamlin says, " Anytime someone says to you that you need to get a prepaid card it's a scam. "
Hamlin says his office deals with jury selection, but no such office in Brazos County or the surrounding area makes calls soliciting or taking payments for fines and warrants over the phone.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Office does not solicit any payments or confirm any payments over the phone for any warrants, fines or citations and the Bryan Police Department has nothing to do with jury duty. You should be skeptical of any calls that come outside of the agencies normal operating hours of 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. If you receive a call, contact police immediately.