Tips to Keep Kids Healthy During the School Year

School starts on Monday for a majority of surrounding schools.

Besides sending your child to school with backpacks and supplies, you will also need to arm them with a few other weapons to keep them healthy through out the school year.

The Hickson family is enjoying their last days of summer doing what they do best, swimming and having fun.

Keeping all eleven kids happy and healthy can be challenge for
mom, Gina Hickson.

"There's been a couple times our whole house has been taken down by a bug and that is not fun," says Hickson.

So she has few rules she follows religiously especially when her kids are back in school like making sure all of her kids wash their hands, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy.

But she says she knows that sometimes that may not be enough, so she keeps hand sanitizer around the house.

Dr. Brian Goerig with the College Station Med Plus says another arm of defense for parents is to make sure kids are up to date on their shots.

"It's important that everyone going back to school has their immunizations, the school requires it in it self- to be in school," says Dr. Goerig.

But even Dr. Goerig says he can't stress enough the importance making sure your kids get enough sleep and eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

And even though the Hickson's try living and eating healthy, Gina says she always reminds her kids of one thing. Wash their hands.