Top Ten Story 2012: A&M Bomb Threat

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At 11 am on Friday, October 19, Texas A&M received an email that read "Campus will be bombed at twelve this afternoon".

Half an hour later, tens of thousands of people were evacuated from the Texas A&M campus

“All of a sudden students just flooded out of rooms. We weren't sure what was happening,” said Holly Stone, a Texas A&M student.

Investigators soon found that bomb threats at Texas A&M and Texas State University were both sent from a yahoo email account belonging to a Bryan woman named Brittany Henderson.

Detectives later learned that Henderson's ex-boyfriend, Dereon Kelly, had access to Henderson's email account.

“We were able to determine through the investigation that Mr. Kelly was responsible for sending the email, which was the bomb threat,” said Lt. Allan Baron, Texas A&M University Police.

In late October, Dereon Kelly was charged with making the terroristic threat to A&M. Kelly was also federally indicted for the Texas State bomb threat.

Brittany Henderson was eventually released from jail in early December.

“I'm still really angry at the whole process. One day in jail is too long for an innocent person, let alone 42 days,” said Henderson.

Police say Henderson is no longer a person of interest in the Texas A&M bomb threat, but charges have not been dropped in the Texas State case yet.

The threat against A&M may have been just a scare, but it still may have long-term effects on the community.

“My fear is one day it isn't going to be just a threat and we aren't going to take it seriously,” said Stone.