Traffic Signals Working Again Following Accident

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UPDATE: The signal lights are working again. Use caution at this intersection as repair crews are still on the scene.



Officials are on the scene Tuesday morning of an accident at the intersection of Wellborn Road and Holleman Drive.

Motorists are encouraged to avoid the intersection.

All traffic lights at this intersection are inoperable at this time after a traffic signal equipment box was destroyed following an accident.

21-year-old Troy Trusty of Bryan was arrested for DWI after College Station Police say he failed to make a turn from Holleman Drive onto Wellborn Road and crashed his Chevrolet Camaro into the streetlight electrical box.

College Station Utilities are working to restore utilities, but they are not expected to resolve the issue until at least noon.

Significant delays are expected until the power is restored.

All motorists are strongly encouraged to find an alternate route and avoid this intersection if possible.

Trusty was released from jail on $2,000 bond.