Traffic Tie-Ups Coming To Briarcrest Drive In Bryan This September

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Major changes and traffic tie-ups are coming to Bryan's busiest street with the widening of Briarcrest Drive starting later this summer.

Now neighboring businesses are worried about customers being able to make it to their stores.

50,000 cars travel down this stretch of Briarcrest Drive in Bryan every day and it's getting more crowded.

Jim Lewis has owned D&J Golf for 21 years and like the other retailers at Briarcrest Center is worried.

"Well you won't be able to go east, out directly out of the center. You either got to go, you'll have to go through Country Club Road out of here or out 29th street," said Lewis.

Tiffany Henley set up her own hair salon three years ago and specifically came here to escape the concrete medians of College Station she says began to kill business at her old employer.

She wants change, but not medians.

"I really don't want to confuse our brand and move somewhere else but if we notice such a steep drop off and the access is too hard to the shopping center we'll be forced to relocate," said Henley, of CatWalk Hair Studio.

“We brought this to the city council’s attention when we spoke to them twice but the city council has disregarded that. They need sales revenue. They are gonna lose sales tax revenue by having this raised median," said Al Rampmeier, Owner of Express Employment Professionals.

Rather than starting the project now when there's less traffic, contractors with Knife River are instead going to begin the widening project September 1st so that they can focus all their efforts now on the Northgate pedestrian improvements.

TxDOT tells us contractors will take breaks from work on Briarcrest to alleviate some congestion.

"They have to be done during certain times, where it doesn't affect football traffic and that includes Texas A&M football as well," said Bob Colwell, TxDOT Public Information Officer.

The traffic tie-ups are expected to last until September 2013 and that's if the project stays on schedule.

The area affected will be on Briarcrest Drive between Kent Street to just west of the Highway 6 frontage road.

TxDOT says it plans to have at least one lane of traffic open each way during the construction.

The project is expected to cost $4.7 million.