Tragedy Strikes a College Station Family - Twice

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A family in College Station is coping with two back-to-back tragedies.

Kim Flowers passed away on October 20th. She was 34 years old. A few months later on January 6th, her husband, Nolan died from a heart attack. The young couple's four boys ages 6 to 14 are left to carry on without their mom or dad.

Their grandmother, Susan Solich will eventually adopt the boys and take them back to her home in Colorado. The family has received an outpour of support from the community, but there's still a long road ahead. Kim was a stay at home mom, and Nolan worked at A&M but wasn't able to get insurance after he had his first heart attack.

Ms. Solich said, "All of college's amazing the community support here. We have a lot of people reaching out to help us."

On Saturday from 9 A.M. To 1 P.M. family, friends and members of the community will help Ms. Solich and the boys clean the house and get it ready to put on the market.

There has been a savings account set up for the boys at Bank of America. You can make checks payable to Susan Solich (the grandma) and send them to account number: 586023930684. If you want to wire funds you can use routing number: 026009593 and use the account number above.