Train Derailment Causes Traffic Headaches in Navasota

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NAVASOTA, Texas - A train derailment near Highway 6 just south of Navasota caused major traffic headaches in the area.

The Union Pacific train derailed around 6 a.m. Monday, underneath a Highway 6 overpass.

Emergency crews swarmed the area, closing down both north and southbound lanes of Highway 6 for several hours.Texas Department of Public Transportation officials were able to reopen the southbound lanes by early afternoon.

A single lane of traffic on the northbound side was opened around 6 p.m., but TxDOT officials said because of damage to one of the pillars that supports the overpass caused by the train, it could take several days before the remaining lane will reopen.

Dave Lilly with Grimes County Emergency Management said the train conductor didn't see anything on the tracks before the crash.

"He just knows that the train came to a sudden stop, which is what they're designed to do when there's a derailment," said Lilly.

Eight train cars derailed. In one, a chemical called Diethanolamine.

Brenda Mainwaring with Union Pacific Railroad said it's considered a hazardous material by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"Essentially, it's used for soaps and cosmetics and shampoos and consumer products," said Mainwaring.

Emergency officials said the public was never in any danger.

"But it is considered a hazardous material by the EPA, so we are handling it accordingly," said Mainwaring.

No one was injured in the crash, and Union Pacific officials said it could take up to two weeks until they can find out exactly what caused the accident.

Courtesy: Jim Joham/Aerial Experts