Train T-Bones Pick-up Truck, Driver Killed in Robertson County

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A train-pickup crash between Bryan and Hearne in Robertson County Friday afternoon killed the driver of the truck. State troopers have been on the scene trying to figure out how it happened.

Most well-traveled intersections that run parallel to train tracks have active cross arms which -- in most cases -- alert drivers that a moving train is on its way. But in rural Robertson County, where OSR meets Spur 231, there are no cross arms stopping anyone or anything from crossing over.

Drivers traveling on Spur 231 are met with a set of tracks and a yield sign just before reaching OSR; and of course, when a train is coming, both drivers and pedestrians are alerted with the warning bells and whistles. But according to troopers and eye witnesses on the scene, the driver of the white 1993 Ford pickup never made eye contact with the moving train which led them to believe -- he never saw the train coming.

The driver, who has been identified by DPS as 44-year-old Reginald Thomas, was traveling west-bound on Spur 231 and failed to yield to the flashing lights just after 2pm Friday.

"The person driving the truck wasn't wearing a seatbelt and got ejected due to the crash and was deceased at the scene," said DPS Trooper Scott Swick.

Investigators say they hope to interview an additional witness on Saturday in order to understand how Thomas did not see the oncoming train.