Trial Winding Down For Suspected Gang Member In Mother's Day Killing

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Testimony is wrapping up in the last trial for a group of suspected gang members accused of killing 17-year-old high school student Christopher Hutchson on Mother's Day 2010 in Bryan.

News 3 was at the Brazos County Courthouse Tuesday and looked at the evidence being presented in the trial of Jose Castillo who was on Bryan's top ten most wanted list.

22-year-old Jose Castillo is on trial for engaging in organized criminal activity related to the death of 17-year-old Christopher Hutchson.

Hutchson was gunned down outside a home near downtown Bryan.

Investigators say Hutchson and a friend were attacked during a gang retaliation.

Bryan Detective Stacey Nunn arrested Castillo during a routine traffic stop a year after the killing and said he was wearing gang clothing.

"We received intel that was indicative of somebody that's a member of the Latin Kings criminal street gang," said Nunn.

Mike Kneese is with Bryan Police's Intelligence Unit and testified Castillo was seen at a Latin King's meeting at Lake Bryan, prior to his arrest.

"The principles that the crown represents for the Latin Kings are love, honor, obedience, sacrifice, and righteousness," explained Kneese.

Evidence found in the car during the arrest included police offense reports on Hutchson's case, as well as a map to a gang member's house.

But the vehicle didn't belong to Castillo.

Defense Attorney Steve Gustitis questioned investigators on why they didn't check documents for fingerprints or DNA or take pictures prior to moving items in the car.

"The pictures that we just looked at that were shown to this jury do not represent where the items in the truck were before the police touched anything .Is that correct?," Gustitis asked.

"That is correct," was Stacey Nunn's reply.

Reverend Maurice Green Jr. is the pastor of the victim's mother Diana Hutchson and is offering his support in the courtroom.

"It's gonna be kind of difficult to bring closure Clay because you had a loss of life and even those that have gone to institutions that's also loss," said Green of Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ.

If convicted Castillo could face five to 99 years in prison.

Closing arguments could start as soon as Wednesday.

Four other men have all been convicted for their involvement in the murder and sentenced to prison.