Trips on a Tank: Shiner Beer

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Shiner, TX - For our third installment of Trips on a Tank, we head to Shiner, Texas to take a look at the brewery where Shiner is made.

It's about a two hour trip from College Station and if you're a beer lover, it's well worth it.

Before the tour even begins, you can start tasting some of the famous brews. There are 7 different kinds on tap, and you'll get to try up to 4 of them. You can carry the beer with you on the tour, drink them all before it begins, or wait until after the tour for the taste-testing if you'd like.

You'll get to see every step of the brewing process, from the bottling shop to the copper kettles where it's stored to the lab where scientists are testing the formula to make sure it tastes just like it should.

Tours run Monday - Friday all Summer from 10am - 2:30pm.

The tour and beer samples are free.