Two Aggie Football Players Arrested, Accused of Assault

Floyd Raven Sr.
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Texas A&M Athletics says it has suspended two starting football players after police charged the two in connection with an attack at a College Station apartment complex.

Those two players, Floyd Raven and Deshazor Everett have bonded out of jail. They turned themselves in after police issued charges of assault and criminal mischief - stemming from a long running investigation into what police say started as an argument at a Northgate bar back in April.

Both have shared the spotlight for success in football -- but now 20-year-old Floyd Raven and 21-year-old Deshazor Everett are making headlines for something else...

Police say on April 7th, Everett and Raven got into an argument with others at the Hookah Station in Northgate after the two athletes reportedly began spraying champagne everywhere.

"The victims took offense, a confrontation occurred there. It was broken up by police and bouncers and everybody was kicked out and sent on their way,” said Assistant Chief Brandy Norris with the College Station Police Department.

A pushing and shoving match ensued, one quickly broken up by bouncers. But according to court documents, the fight was far from finished. Police say both groups left the bar. The players pulled into the Parkway Place Apartment Complex on FM-2818 in College Station. One of the players lived there, and so did one of the people in the rival group. The players reportedly told police they were joined in the parking lot by eight to ten unknown men. Then, the victim’s' SUV pulled in to the complex. The players and the new set of men approached, vowing they were going to quote, "finish what that other group had started."

The victims told police they were pulled out of the SUV, punched and kicked them. Raven said he threw punches after someone threw one at him. Everett said he came face to face with a victim, but someone else knocked that person down. The police report says more than $1,400 in damage was caused to the Tahoe in the altercation.

Warrants were issued for their arrest Friday. Both players face two misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury and one charge of criminal mischief.

It's important to note that Deshazor is the player who made the game-saving interception in the Alabama Game.

We asked College Station Police why this investigation took two months.

"We were working on it and then school got out and everybody scattered,” said College Station Assistant Police Chief Brandy Norris. “By the time we were trying to locate witnesses and statements from everybody, when school got out all over Texas, it became considerably more difficult to locate everybody.


A pair of Texas A&M football players accused of being involved in an April altercation have turned themselves in to the Brazos County jail on charges of assault.

Both 20-year-old Floyd Raven Sr. and 21-year-old Deshazor Everett , face two charges of assault causing bodily injury and one charge of criminal mischief for an April 7 incident that began at the Hookah Station in Northgate.

Raven was released on Monday morning on $12,000 bond, and as early Monday afternoon, Everett remains in jail on $12,000 bond.

According to a police report, the two victims and witnesses told police that there had originally been an altercation at the Hookah Station on Northgate early on April 7 when Raven and Everett had been spraying champagne, angering another group. There were reportedly no punches thrown, and police and bouncers broke the fight up.

Following the bar confrontation, the two eventual victims and others in their vehicle say they returned to the Parkway Place Apartments on FM 2818. People in that group say two in the SUV were pulled out by a large group of men who punched and kicked them. Raven and Everett were identified by the victims and witnesses as being among the group.

Police would later interview the two players, who both admitted that there had been an altercation at Hookah Station, and that they were later driven to the apartment complex. Everett and Raven said eight to ten unknown men joined them.

When the victims' SUV pulled in to the complex, the players said the group approached the vehicle intending to finish what they say the others had started at the bar.

Everett told police he came face-to-face with one of the two that had been pulled out of the vehicle, but that someone else punched that person and knocked him down.

Raven said a person he had had problems with at the bar threw a punch at him and missed. Raven told police he followed up with two punches and knocked the man down.

One of the victims said there was nearly $1,400 in damage done to his SUV in the incident.

Both players are juniors from Louisiana and listed as starters on the 2013 depth chart on the Aggie Athletics website. Everett made a key goal line interception in A&M's upset win over Alabama last season.

News 3 has reached out to the Aggie athletics department for comment.

Deshazor Everett (AP Photo)