Two Alleged Drag Racers Face Felonies

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A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted a pair of men from The Woodlands for allegedly drag racing and crashing their Corvettes.

45-year-old Ray Bowden and 24-year-old Brian Hebert whose alleged illegal racing incident was caught on camera and posted on You Tube last November now face felonies and could receive ten years in prison and be fined up to $10,000.

About a year ago, Gerod Rush, a motorist stopped at red light behind the two men on The Woodlands Parkway captured the incident from start to finish.

Rush told Texas Department of Public Safety troopers he was on his way to the grocery store to buy his Thanksgiving Day turkey when he recorded the spectacle. He says the sports cars reached about 80 miles per hour before one of the drivers lost control and crashed.

Hebert was the only person injured in the wreck. He complained of dizziness and pain in his right leg.