Two Arrested for Plotting to Kill College Station Police Officer

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We have new information tonight about the alleged plot to kill a College Station police officer, including why the family wants him dead.

As we first reported last night, a mother and son were arrested after police say they planned to kill a police officer who arrested another family member.

For the officer's safety, we are not releasing the officer's name or the name of his church.

The plot started Friday when police say Stephanie Navarro was pulled over by a college station police officer and arrested on 3 traffic warrants.

The next day, police say her brother, Ronnie Lott, approached the arresting officer who was attending a concert with his family at church in Bryan.

According to police, Lott asked him if he was the officer who had arrested his sister. Lt. Chuck Fleeger with College Station Police says the officer knew something was not right.

"The officer was very quick on his feet and was able to convince the person that he was not the officer he was looking for," says Fleeger.

According to police, church members later told the officer that Lott asked them whether the officer carried his weapon while at church. Questions that made the officer and his family fear for their safety.

Fleeger says we take all threats against our officers very seriously.

Investigators then listened to a recorded jail phone call between Lott's sister Stephanie Navarro and her mom, Louisa Navarro.

According to a police record of a synopsis of the call, Louisa said things like:

-- We need to shoot officer in the head
-- They know where his church was. All we need to know is where he lives
-- When we find him, he's dead.
-- He will not be able to testify (against Stephanie)

When asked about the phone call, police say Louisa said she made the statements because she was mad at the arresting officer. Police also say that Lott first denied making contact with the officer but later told police it's a free world. He can contact anyone he wants and he's not afraid of the police.

Louisa Navarro posted 75 thousand dollars bond and has been released from the Brazos County Jail. Ronnie Lott remains behind bars with his bond set at 100 thousand dollars.