Nearly $50,000 in Drill Bits Discovered Missing

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On December 17, 2013, two drill bits were discovered missing from the Patterson Rig 218 located in the 8600 block of Weedon Loop in Brazos County, Texas.

The Rig Supervisor advised when he arrived that day, he noticed an empty box sitting under the office trailer and thought that maybe the drill bit was in use on the rig. After an inventory check was completed, it was determined that two drill bits were missing.

Delivery tickets confirmed that a VM-1 12-1/4 (311.2MM) drill bit valued at $30,650 had been delivered on November 26, 2013 and a GX-09 8-1/2 (215.9MM) drill bit valued at $17,700 had been delivered on December 12, 2013.

Brazos County Sheriff's Office Investigators were advised that the missing drill bits are extremely heavy and it would require a fork lift or several people to load and move the drill bits.