Two ‘Freshmen’ Headed To State Capitol From BCS

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Two state representatives who won their respective house seats last night are rookies to some degree. This January will be the first time that Republicans John Raney and Kyle Kacal will take part in a legislative session.

"At my age to be a freshman is kind of invigorating, so I am going to take that it is a little shot of youth, and I am going to enjoy it,” said Kacal.

Both Republicans John Raney and Kyle Kacal are freshmen when it comes to the legislatives session.

John Raney has been re-elected as House Representative for District 14, but has never been to Austin for a legislative session.

"I have been there for almost a year, and I've been getting to know the various members and members of the legislature,” said Raney.

The newly created District 12 in the Texas House will be represented by Kyle Kacal.

“I have been nervous. I haven't been sleeping very well, but it's a good nervous. I'm not scared. I'm excited,” said Kacal.

Raney and Kacal say they are ready to take on the new adventure with other fellow rookies to the session.

"Nearly half of the House of Representatives will be freshmen or sophomores, so we are going to have a big learning curve to overcome,” said Raney.

"We are ready to go to work,” Kacal said.

That work starts in January when they are sworn in, but for now they say it's just time to celebrate.

John Raney won his first full term in the House, defeating Democrat Judy LeUnes and Libertarian Joshua Baker.

Kyle Kacal won over Democrat Robert Stem.