Two Houston Men Arrested for Game Day Parking Scam

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Two Houston men were arrested for their involvement in a parking scam on the Texas A&M campus Saturday.

Police say 21-year-old Corey Lee Gordon and 28-year-old Herbert Parker Jr, both Contemporary Services Corporation employees, were checking parking permits at Lot 97 on campus Saturday for game day.

Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) is a private security company hired by Texas A&M for large events. CSC staff members usually assist with searching bags, checking people into the stadium, and monitoring on campus parking lots.

However, Texas A&M University Police Lieutenant Allan Baron says the Gordon and Parker were taking more than just parking permits Saturday.

“Contemporary Services Corp. has been providing services to us for years. Come to find out there were two individuals that were responsible for taking money from individuals, allowing them to park and pocketing that money,” said Baron.

Gordon and Parker would allow people with appropriate permits to park, but they allegedly accepted cash from people without permits who wanted to park in the lot, according to probable cause statements.

“They collected $955 from these individuals, so obviously there were quite a few people who came and paid these individuals to park in this area,” said Baron.

Gordon and Parker were arrested Saturday night. They both admitted to their involvement in the scam.

University officials say there are cash parking lots on campus on game day, but the only people authorized to accept cash are A&M transportation services employees.

Contemporary Services Corporation Officials weren't available for comment Monday.