Two Killed After Stolen Vehicle Crashes in Houston

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A police chase that started in Pasadena ends in a deadly crash on a Houston freeway.

Police said an officer noticed a Chevy Impala driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Pasadena Monday afternoon.

The man and woman in the car lead the Pasadena police officer down Highway 225 into the City of Houston.

Police said the officer backed off the stolen vehicle because it was driving erratically coming over the 610 bridge. Officials said the car came off the bridge and took the Clinton Road exit off of the IH-610 East Loop northbound.

"As the vehicle travelled over the 610 bridge, the officer made the determination that the vehicle was driving too erratic and too unsafe,” said Pasadena police Lt. James Holt. “He decided to back off. He stated his intentions on the radio. Shortly after, the vehicle exited the freeway and struck the barrier."

One person was ejected from the car and died. The other person died inside the vehicle.

The stolen vehicle was the only car involved in the crash.

Police said the officer called in the stolen vehicle because it had been involved in a "violent" carjacking earlier in the day in the Houston area.