Two Men Arrested for Having Improper Relationship with Conroe Student

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A former Conroe Independent School District police officer and a second Conroe ISD employee have been arrested and charged with having an improper relationship with the same student.

Former Conroe I-S-D Sergeant Christopher Lee Sutton and C-I-S-D employee Brian Ortiz were arrested Monday. Both of the men are accused of having an improper relationship with the same male student.

Sutton had been a police officer with the district for 14 years, serving the last nine as a sergeant. Ortiz was an athletic official employed by the district.

According to Conroe ISD, the alleged victim is an 18-year-old student that attends Caney Creek High School. KBTX has a policy to not publish the names of victims involved in improper relationships.

District officials first learned of the possible charges when Sutton resigned on February 17th from the district's police department. According to complaints filed by the Montgomery County District Attorney's office, Sutton and the victim's mother were friends in the department. The victim considered him to be a "father-figure" in his life. Sutton told Conroe ISD Police Chief William Harness that he wanted to resign to avoid going to prison. He also admitted that he was pressured to admit the relationship from the victim's boyfriend, Brian Ortiz.

Ortiz told investigators that he and the victim had been dating since October 2012. Ortiz worked as a UIL referee at a football game. Investigators learned that Ortiz found out about the relationship between Sutton and the victim on February 14th and told the victim's mother. Sutton told investigators that Ortiz threatened to go to the media if he didn't resign.

Ortiz has worked for Conroe ISD since September 2011, as a UIL referee. He was paid to officiate over all athletic events for the district.

Sutton and Ortiz were both arrested and charged with Improper Relationship between an educator and a student. Both were booked into the county jail under $100,000 bond. Sutton remained on the jail roster Tuesday morning, Ortiz did not.

Conroe ISD police Chief William Harness released a statement.

"These charges are serious and the safety and well being of our students remains our highest priority. The district is working closely with the District Attorney's office and the city of Conroe Police Department in the investigation," said Chief Harness.

Anyone that might have relevant information about this case is asked to contact Detective Ben Mitchell at 936-522-3215.