Two Store Clerks Charged with Selling Alcohol to a Minor

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BRYAN - A pair of convenience store clerks are facing charges of selling alcohol to a minor after a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission sting.

On June 20th, TABC agents conducted what they call a "minor sting" operation at two convenience stores along Texas Avenue in Bryan.

Joanna Lara Reyes, 45, was arrested after TABC agents say she knowingly sold beer to a 17-year-old. Reyes is a clerk at the Zip N on North Texas Avenue in Bryan. According to the arrest report, the teenager went into the store, picked up a can of beer and went to the counter. Reyes asked for his ID, which clearly stated he was under 21, then rang up the beer.

The second sting operation also happened on June 20th. Amy Vega, 32, is facing similar charges. Agents say she also sold beer to a 17-year-old.

Vega works at Dabbs Marketing Ridgecrest on South Texas Avenue in Bryan. Just like the first sting, authorities say the teen showed Vega an under-aged ID. The TABC says Vega still sold the teen a beer.

Vega and Vasquez were arrested and charged with Sale of Alcohol to a Minor. They are both are out of jail on bond.

The TABC says the "minor sting" operation involved sending in a teenager with a valid state ID that shows he is under 21. An agent is also sent inside the store to observe. The teen is asked to show his ID and be truthful if asked his age. The TABC says if the teen is able to purchase the beer, they should leave the store and hand the beer over to a TABC agent waiting outside.